Email Address Finder

Email Address Finder 8.44

Extracts the e-mail addresses from the target email server

Email Address Finder (also known as Super Email Harvester) is a program that will find valid email addresses.
By using it, you will be able to create lists of email addresses that you can use to send bulk mails, offering a service or a product. Email Address Finder connects to the email servers and then begins to search for any available email address on those servers. You can ask the program to look for a given range of addresses, or for any address, starting with an "a" and ending with "99999999". The program will simulate that it is going to send a message to all the addresses, but will cut the connection if the server reports that the address is valid. It will then add that address to the list of valid ones. The other addresses will be discarded.

It is possible to modify the settings in order to customize the list of valid addresses. You can tell the program to add a prefix or suffix to the user name of the address, input the range of addresses that you will like to verify, look for user names that you have saved in a text file and exclude some words in the addresses. Email Address Finder can also send emails to the valid addresses, just after verifying that they are valid. You can specify the data that will be used for sending them. They are not going to be processed by the ISP that offers that account, but they will be directly sent to the email servers.

The trial version of this program will not let you save the list of valid addresses, or send emails while the program is looking for them.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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Review summary


  • It produces lists of valid emails
  • It can send a lot of emails without revealing your real email address


  • The trial version does not allow to test the "Send Mail" feature
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